Tutoring & Individual Instruction

Class tutoring and private instruction may be arranged with GAI instructors through the Language Services program. 

Lessons and curriculum are tailored to the individual needs of the client to meet specific language goals. 

Tutoring may take place at the GAI or at another location that is mutually agreeable to the client and tutor. Meeting time may vary and is decided on a per-lesson basis between the tutor and client. One lesson may be shared by by up to 3 people. 

For tutoring inquiries, please contact Language Services or call 651-222-2979 with a brief description of your language goals, desired location and general times of day or days of the week when you are available to meet with a tutor.

Rates & Payment

  • Client may decide on the length of lessons. (45 minutes minimum at GAI office; offsite minimum 60 minutes) 
  • Lessons must be pre-paid or paid at time of service by cash or check
  • Monthly billing is possible for Credit Card payments with our secure online system. (Must be set up & approved through Language Services)
  • Tutoring payments may be paid in person during business hours in the office, mailed to the GAI, or by Credit Card over the phone/fax/email
Cost per lesson is based on the following rates 
  • 45 minutes: $50
  • 60 minutes or more (30-minute increments): $65/hour
Trip Fee

For tutoring not conducted at the GAI, a trip fee may be added to each lesson price to reimburse the tutor for the extra mileage and time spent traveling to the requested location. The trip fee price per tutoring lesson is $20; for distances greater than 25 miles, this fee may be negotiated on a per-case basis.

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