The GAI will offer a group class to meet the language needs of the organization. Group lessons will focus on acquiring a conversational proficiency and cultural competency for business and travel purposes. The class will consists of group work and partner exercises along with other teaching methods. During each class the participants will be able to practice and improve their acquired language skills. 
  • Cultural Awareness 
Cultural understanding and appreciation is an integral part of the the Group Language Class. The GAI also offers seminars and introduction to business practices, traditions and etiquette of German speaking countries. (Contact GAI Language Services for details)
Private or small group classes are available - up to 3 people. Topics are flexible and can be customized to meet specific needs. 

All classes and seminars are developed to meet the employee and corporate needs. Sessions can be scheduled onsite at the organization's location. 

To discuss your organization's needs and options, please contact Language Services or call 651-222-2979

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