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G-series Classes (G100 - G600)

Beginner / Anfänger to Intermediate / Mittelstufe

18-week semester, meet once a week for 2.5 hours

An immersion-style curriculum that builds language skills for students who may be interested in reaching Goethe-Zertifikat  B1 proficiency. Classes in the G-series are a good choice for those learning German for academic or professional reasons, experienced language learners, or students looking for an accelerated pace and stimulating learning environment. 

To determine which level course to take, you can complete an online placement exam. We offer three different exam levels. Please note the "Schritte" level (Einstufung) when you are finished.

See attached chart for classes and course levels. 

To contact Language Services call 651-222-2979 or email for more information.

Course Descriptions

G100 (Schritte 1, Lektion 1-7): Course assumes no prior knowledge of German and is the best choice for those who are new to German language study or have little experience with German. Students progress from learning the basics of German pronunciation and comprehension to building grammar and conversation skills related to everyday topics such as the family, shopping, daily routine, and life in Germany. 

G200 (Schritte 2, Lektion 8-14): Course begins with a review of the Perfekt and introduces prepositions and pronouns in the dative case. A sample of topics covered includes navigating in a city, shopping, and health concerns.

G300 (Schritte 3, Lektion 1-7): Reviews the Akkusativ and Dativ in addition to introducing grammar topics such as inverted word order within clauses, reflexive verbs, and the Präteritum. Intermediate vocabulary topics such as the workplace, European school system, and family relationships are also covered.

G400 (Schritte 4, Lektion 8-14): Introduces the subjunctive to make requests, adjective endings, and passive voice. Provides further practice of the Dativ and Akkusativ (especially the prepositions) and advanced word order within clauses. A sample of topics covered include vacation planning, business transactions, and intergenerational ties.

G500 (Schritte 5, Lektion 1-7): Further practices the Präteritum and advanced forms of past tense as well as the passive and both forms of the subjunctive. Other grammar topics include the Genitiv case, relative clauses, and zu +infinitive. A sample of topics covered include giving an event report, ideal living situations, and preparing for a job interview.

G600 (Schritte 6, Lektion 8-14): This is the final G-series course and serves as a comprehensive overview of B1 level grammar and vocabulary. A sampling of advanced vocabulary topics that are introduced and practiced include: politics and history, technology, and international relations. After completion of G600, students are prepared for the Goethe-Institut's Goethe-Zertifikat B1 exam.

Next recommended course: Advanced Mittelstufe Review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I learned German years ago, and I'm not sure which class I should sign up for. What do you recommend?                          

A: Start with the PLACEMENT EXAMS and select the class based on your results. 

Q: The PLACEMENT EXAMS told me I should start at Lektion 8. What does this mean?

A: Schritte 2, Schritte 4, and Schritte 6 all start at Lektion 8 instead of Lektion 1. This is just the beginning of that course.

Q: I think the PLACEMENT EXAMS is wrong. Can I register for a different level?

A: You can register for whichever course you think is best for you. However, the placement exams are designed by the publishers of the textbooks we use, so they are a good indicator of skill level and knowledge. Though ultimately -it's up to you! You do not need approval to register for a different course.

Q: My high school student is interested in one of your adult classes. Is that okay?

A: Yes, as long as s/he is comfortable being in a class with adults. We have had several high school students successfully take our adult classes before. We are also offering German for Teens and that may be another option. 

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