• Franziska Pierwoss Screening & Talk: The Art of the Deal

Franziska Pierwoss Screening & Talk: The Art of the Deal

  • 28 Nov 2018
  • 6:30 PM
  • 40 South 7th Street, Suite 208, Minneapolis, MN 55402

Screening & Talk: The Art of the Deal
Franziska Pierwoss

Goethe Pop Up Minneapolis Goethe in the Skyways
City Center (next to Cardigan Donuts)
40 South 7th Street, Suite 208 
Minneapolis, MN 55402

The Art of the Deal invites three Minnesotan families to star in a reality TV show and to openly discuss family politics during this year’s holiday season.

40 years after its birth, reality TV seems to have become an integral part of people’s life, no matter which country or continent, whether in the US, in Germany, or elsewhere. And more than a decade of Keeping up with the Kardashians has certainly shaped the way realities are being performed all over the world.

Following a docu-style aesthetic, The Art of the Deal depicts the private sphere of three families that will serve as a platform to debate and stage questions of individual behavioral patterns but also collective dynamics. During holidays, unlike any other time of the year, the discrepancy between personal expectations and the actual reality of a family gathering frequently results in a drama that usually is resolved within seconds.

Pivotal, universally valid questions will emerge in this process. How do families communicate today? What verbal and body language is at play?

Simultaneously, more mundane questions will arise: Who negotiates the best deals around the dinner table? Who will be the most charming in finding excuses? Who speaks too much and who prefers to remain silent?

One episode of The Art of the Deal will be screened at the Goethe in the Skyways space; further episodes will follow on the Goethe in the Skyways website.

Franziska Pierwoss (born in Tübingen/Germany) is a Berlin-based performance and installation artist, who also works as an organizer and initiator of various cultural projects. With a strong focus on durational performance and collaborative practices, she develops site-specific installations and creates situations of engagement, in which personal and political boundaries are called into question.

Pierwoss has shown her work at Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Eigen+Art Lab, Beirut Art Center and recently at Alserkal Dubai amongst many other places.

Using storytelling as an explorative methodology towards History, Pierwoss has been staging performances related to historical meals since 2014 in collaboration with Sandra Teitge in Mexico City (Galeria OMR & MUAC), in Munich/Germany (Spielart Festival), and as part of the Sharjah Biennial 13 in Beirut/Lebanon.

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