The GAI offers an immersion-style curriculum that builds language skills for students who are interested in reaching any level of skill and proficiency.

Classes in this series are a good choice for those learning German for personal, academic or professional reasons, beginners and experienced language learners, and students looking for an accelerated pace and stimulating learning environment. 

To determine which level course to take, you can complete a Language Assessment We offer three different exam levels. Please note the "Schritte" level (Einstufung) when you are finished.

See  attached chart for classes and course levels. 

To contact Language Services call 651-222-2979 or email for more information.

Course Descriptions

Based on Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)


            A1 – You can understand and use familiar, everyday expressions and very simple sentences, which relate to the satisfying of concrete needs. You can introduce yourself and others as well as ask others about themselves – e.g. where they live, whom they know and what they own – and you can respond to questions of this nature. You can communicate in a simple manner if the person you are speaking to speaks slowly and clearly and is willing to help.  (START 1/2/3)

A1 START classes meet once a week for 2.5 hours for 12 weeks
A1 START 1/2/3 classes are for beginners who have studied German for less than 1 year

                A2 You can understand sentences and commonly used expressions associated with topics directly related to direct circumstances (e.g. personal information or information about your family, shopping, work, immediate surroundings).  You can make yourself understood in simple, routine situations dealing with a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and common topics.  You can describe your background & education, immediate surroundings and other things associated with immediate needs. (G300/G400)

A2 classes meet once a week for 2.5 hours for 18 weeks
A2 G300/G400 classes are for students who have studied German for 1 year and/or have completed the A1 level


            B1 - You can understand the main points when clear, standard language is used and the focus is on familiar topics associated with work, school, leisure time, etc.  You can deal with most situations typically encountered when travelling in the language region. Can express yourself simply and coherently regarding familiar topics and areas of personal interest. You can report on experiences and events, describe dreams, hopes and goals as well as make short statements to justify or explain your views and plans.  (G500/G600)

B1 classes meet once a week for 2.5 hours for 18 weeks
B1 G500/G600 classes are for students who have studied German for 2 years and/or have completed the A2 level

Next recommended course: Advanced Mittelstufe Review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I learned German years ago, and I'm not sure which class I should sign up for. What do you recommend?                          

A: Start with the Language Assessment and select the class based on your results. 

Q: The  Language Assessment told me I should start at Lektion 8. What does this mean?

A: Schritte 2, Schritte 4, and Schritte 6 all start at Lektion 8 instead of Lektion 1. This is just the beginning of that course.

Q: I think the Language Assessment  is wrong. Can I register for a different level?

A: You can register for whichever course you think is best for you. However, the placement exams are designed by the publishers of the textbooks we use, so they are a good indicator of skill level and knowledge. Though ultimately -it's up to you! You do not need approval to register for a different course.

Q: My high school student is interested in one of your adult classes. Is that okay?

A: Yes, as long as s/he is comfortable being in a class with adults. We have had several high school students successfully take our adult classes before. We are also offering German for Teens and that may be another option. 

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