Advanced Mittelstufe Review B1+

18 week class, once a week for 2.5 hours

This transition course is for the Intermediate / Mittelstufe students who already have a solid proficiency in German and want to increase their fluency through vocabulary expansion and practice of intermediate and advanced grammar concepts. Completion of G500 or equivalent (five semesters of German) recommended. This class focuses on thorough review of 'B1+' level of proficiency according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Class activities include group and partner discussions, short reading assignments, grammar drills, and writing practice. Text materials allow for homework and additional practice outside of class. This class can be repeated for four consecutive semesters without repeating content.

The advanced framework then continues with Oberstufe B2 level courses ( Oberstufe 1-B2.1 and Oberstufe 2- B2.2) - See attached chart for more information 

OBERSTUFE advanced courses 

14 week class, once a week for 2.5 hours

This is a highly-advanced level curriculum for students who can already express themselves spontaneously and understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts. Students will progress to a nearly fluent C1 level according to the CEF. The students will refine their writing and reading comprehension skills while continuing to expand their vocabulary and improve their oral fluency/competency. Advanced grammar concepts are reviewed as needed.   

The OBERSTUFE courses are available for B2 and C1 levels. Courses for B2.1 & B2.2 and C1.1 & C1.2 may be combined based on enrollment numbers and teacher availability.  

See attached chart for more information 


8 Wochen, 1x / Woche, 2 Std. 

Dieser Kurs ist für Teilnehmer die C1 Kurse absolviert haben, in deutschsprachigen Ländern gelebt haben, Deutsch als 'Major' / Hauptfach studiert haben, oder anderweitig Deutsch gelernt haben und jetzt (fast) fliessend sprechen & lesen können. Fokus ist freies Sprechen & Diskussion im Kontext, Lesen, Wortschatz und Grammatik. Themen wie Literatur, Film, und Politik werden angeboten. 

Topics Courses

Throughout the year the GAI will offer short session courses in literature, conversation, grammar and special interest topics. Check the EDUCATION FOR ADULTS tab for current offerings. 

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