Germany is hiring
What would it take to apply for a job in Germany? Host Günther interviews Michaelle Nintcheu of the Make it in Germany portal, a source of information from the German government about job opportunities in Germany. Topics include the labor market, looking for employment in Germany, the visa process, and more. 

Did you know that the team at the GAI has produced 29 episodes? Join host Günther Michael and his guests as they explore topics related to German language, culture, and the history (and future!) of the GAI.  

Episode 2 (11/8/18) Articles and traditions
As we see an increase in the usage of gender-neutral language, GAI German Instructor Katrin leads an interesting discussion about the future of German personal pronouns.  

Special Episode (12/14/18) Interview with Fred Amram  
Fred Amram, a local professor and Holocaust survivor who recently reacquired his German citizenship, discusses his recently released biography, hopes, fears, and what America “feels” like.

Special Episode (04/05/19) GAI Symposium: Modern Apprenticeship
A discussion with GAI Executive Director Jeana Anderson and Director of Language Services Claudia Aurand about the future of American education, the dual education system, apprenticeships, and how U.S. organizations can future-proof themselves.

Episode 13 (08/05/2019) Kinderstube: Our children—Our future
In a multicultural world, where we live in a global village, multilingualism is the precursor to future success, and it starts with children. 

Special Episode (10/8/19) Panel discussion: 30th anniversary of the Mauerfall
A panel of two former West-Germans and two former East-Germans discuss the day the Berlin Wall fell. Not all that glitters is gold. Thirty years later, it is still an emotionally charged topic.

Episode 17 (12/13/19) GAI 2019— It’s a wrap
This episode is of particular significance as Executive Director Jeana Anderson shares the mission, vision, and future of the GAI. 

Special Episode (02/26/20) Frankfurt Kitchen
Minnesota has one of only two U.S. installations of the Frankfurt Kitchen. Local filmmaker Maribeth Romslo shares her knowledge about this milestone of domestic architecture and puts her artistic, female-empowering spin on a German mainstay.

Special Episode (04/21/20)  Mindy Ratner and Kaddish: Reflections on the Holocaust in Music and Words
A heart-to-heart conversation with MPR Classical Music host Mindy Ratner about her interviews with Holocaust survivors. Start with our episode, which provides you with the backstory, then listen to Mindy's program for the in-depth stories and music.

Photo above: GAI podcast host and language instructor Günther Michael Jahnl interviews Joshua Seeberg from ICATT/GACC Chicago about the Apprenticeship Model at the Deutsche Tage.

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Hier & There, the Germanic-American Institute podcast, brings you an interesting mix of stories and interviews about transatlantic relations, German culture, insights into the German language, information about upcoming GAI events, and more. Hosted by Günther Michael Jahnl. 

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