The (German) Apprenticeship Model Project 

Apprenticeships are a smart alternative to the four-year degree and can help close the socio-economic and skills gaps. When employers invest in the education and training of their employees, everyone benefits.

Objective: To present Germany's successful Dual Education and workforce development model as an alternative  to the U.S. model, which is based heavily on the 4-year college degree with little to no integrated professional training or experience.

The project will focus on three concepts: Inform, Educate, and Promote

At the Germanic-American Institute (GAI) we believe that the Dual Education System in Germany (D-A-CH) can be used as a guide and modified and adapted to be of great value for the U.S. By building a workforce development model similar to that in Germany, industry will reduce the shortage of skilled workers, and young people will have new opportunities for entering a successful and financially rewarding career. 

However, not many people are aware of or familiar with the concepts of Dual Education and how apprenticeships are developed for the workforce. Furthermore, the majority of Americans are ingrained to believe that a 4-year degree should be the goal of every student, even if it means acquiring massive debt with no career training. 

As such, in the spring of 2018, the GAI and the German American Chamber Commerce (GACC) launched the Apprenticeship Initiative to promote the model of the German Dual Education system in the U.S. 



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