Language Resources & Links

German-English Online Dictionaries 

Beolingus - Online dictionary from the TU Chemnitz. Particularly good for verb conjugation, tenses, and common idioms. - Dictionary combined with a user interface that allows users to hear the words pronounced with different accents, check frequency of translations, and add idiomatic terms. Also indicates Austrian and Swiss usage.

Duden - Duden is THE go-to resource for German word usage, new Rechtschreibung, and more.  Site even has a spell-checker. Entirely auf Deutsch.

LEO - A very good catch-all dictionary. They also offer a free app for your smartphone.

Mundmische - Dictionary of German slang and idioms.

Woxikon - Especially helpful for synonym and antonym searches.

Grammar - Great resource for grammar explanations. You can search by the type of grammar you're having a problem with and find helpful charts and quizzes to help test your knowledge.

FluentU - A good resource overall, but this page specifically provides some tricks for remembering when to use der, die, and das.

German with Laura - Grammar guides on a variety of topics from word order and verb tenses to adjective endings and more.

Vocabulix - Explanations about German grammar, vocabulary, and verb conjugation drills.

German News Sources

Deutsche Welle - This German news source has a whole section dedicated to German language learners, complete with slowly spoken news, videos with comprehension worksheets, articles aimed at levels A1-C2, and culturally relevant stories.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - German newspaper known for its center-right views.

Der Spiegel - One of Europe's most widely-read weekly news publications.

Süddeutsche Zeitung - The largest daily German newspaper.

Die Zeit  - A weekly German newspaper.


CRE: Technik, Kultur, Gesellschaft - An irregularly produced, free German-language podcast. Each episode explores a topic through interviews.

Deutsches Fernsehen - Register with your email address and receive free access to over 50 channels from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, including livestreaming and broadcasts from the past 2 weeks.

Das Deutschlandlabor - Starting at the A2 level, this video series is targeted toward language learners who want to learn about German culture, as well as the language itself.

Deutsch Mit Julia - A YouTube channel with instructional videos for beginners and stories for intermediate and advanced learners. Also has a section on business German.

Deutsch Lernen - Podcast for learning German

Das Erste - A German TV station, with many different programs available for viewing online.

German LingQ - Free podcasts of everyday conversations auf Deutsch.

German Pod 101 - Free German podcasts for beginners to advanced students.

Jojo sucht das Glück - A series created specifically for language learners, part of Deutsche Welle's Deutsch XXL program.

Nachrichten auf Deutsch - German news podcast 

Netflix and the public libraries actually have several German movies available, usually with English subtitles. Some of the libraries also have German language books for adults or children, which can be requested on inter-library loan if you are not nearby.

Slow German - Great podcast for language learners, this series tackles a variety of topics and current events at a speed that is easier to decipher.

TuneIn - Search by location to access free radio stations from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and more! Also comes with an app, so you can tune in on your mobile device when you're on the go.

TV Series - Learn Out Live has compiled this list of 7 German TV shows that could be especially beneficial to language learners. - Free German audiobooks, also available as an app for your Apple & Android devices.

Vocabulary / Word Games by  DENKRIESEN - an updated version of the popular game 'Stadt, Land, Fluss' 

Yabla German Video - Learn German by watching videos in an online video player designed for language learners 

ZDF - Another German TV station, with programs available online.

Resources for Children

Kinder- und Jugendliteratur Resources - Compiled by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG), this list of children's books available auf Deutsch includes recommended proficiency levels.

KiKA - This German TV station is aimed at children and has some episodes available online, as well as interactive games, crafts, and more.

Lingo - Multi-media website for kids ages 6-12, primarily at the A1/A2 level. Entirely in German.

Löwenzahn - A variety of programs and education for kids from ZDF

Ohrka - Free audiobooks for kids.

Sendung mit der Maus - Featuring the latest episode for streaming, plus interactive games and activities.

ZDFtivi - The children's channel of ZDF. Many of their segments are also aired on KiKA. Also offers episodes online, interactive games, and more.

Zzzebra - An online magazine for children auf Deutsch.


UMD German Grammar Guide - for iPad only

gFlash+ Flashcards & Tests - Create your own flashcards and test yourself. Available for Apple or Android products.

Study Blue - Another flashcard app, available for Apple and Android products.

Duolingo - Language learning, gamified. Many languages available, including German. Available online or as an app.

Goethe-Institut - Offers several apps for language learners. The Vokabeltrainer helps add new words to your collection, based on proficiency level, while three other apps are designed to develop grammar and vocabulary as part of a game: Lern Deutsch (level A1), Adventure German: The Mystery of Nebra (starting at A1), Adventure German: A Mysterious Mission (level B1), and Harry - gefangen in der Zeit (levels A1-B1, interactive online game).

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