SAMSTAGSSCHULE for Teens (Age 13+)

The classes focus on creating and developing German language skills for teens. The instructor builds reading, writing, listening comprehension and speaking skills in a fun, interactive, and age appropriate environment.

Kids & Teens classes


  • German for Teens (Beginner) - Introduction to German for students who have no or limited prior knowledge. The course covers basic topics such as weather, sports & hobbies, school, current events and culture. (Text books: Beste Freunde 1- $30.00 addt'l charge)  
  • German for Teens (Intermediate) For students who have taken 1-2 years of German classes. Course is designed to build on existing language skills. Sessions will explore current events & literature and work on expanding vocabulary & grammar skills. (Text books: Beste Freunde 2 - $30.00 addt'l charge)
 German for Teens - Beginner  Sat. 1/11 - 5/16   12:30 - 2:00pm  16 weeks
 German for Teens - Intermediate  Sat. 1/11 - 5/16  12:30 - 2:00pm  16 weeks

Course Fees 
  • German for Teens - 12 weeks - $295.00 GAI members / $315.00 non-members
  • Beginner - Beste Freunde A1 - $30.00
  • Intermediate -  Beste Freunde A2 - $30.00


    • ADVANCED GERMAN - TEEN TREFF: For students with a high level of proficiency & fluency. Course is designed to maintain language ability. Limited assignments & homework - Class meets bi-weekly.
    • ADVANCED GERMAN  - TEENS INTENSIV B1+: For advanced students who want to continue building language ability and skills. Recommended for students who graduated from TCGIS, have completed DSD I, or have lived in a German-speaking country. 'Blended' Course format with 90 min. of classroom instruction per week and online / independent study. (Class uses 'Aspekte Jr. B1+' materials, $95.00 addt'l charge - books can be used for multiple sessions
     Advanced German - Teen Treff  Sat. 1/18 - 5/16   10:30am - noon CANCELED
    Advanced German - Teens Intensiv B1+  Sat. 1/11 - 5/16  12:30 - 2:00pm  16 weeks

    Course Fees
    • Teen Treff - 9 sessions - $175.00 GAI members / $195.00 non-members
    • Teens Intensiv B1+ - 16 weeks - $295.00 GAI members / $315.00 non-members
    • Teen Treff - no textbook required
    • Advanced - Aspekte Jr. B1+ - $95.00 (Textbook will be used for multiple sessions)


    For further information, call Language Services at 651-222-2979, or email

    Registration Information

    Course fees are due in full on the first day of the class, unless other arrangements have been made with Language Services. Refunds for tuition only are made upon request as follows: 

    Refund Policy

    Class canceled by the GAI:
    Full refund
    Before first class meets:
    Full refund minus $50.00 administration fee
    During first 2 weeks of class: Prorated tuition less $50.00 administration fee
    No refunds beyond first 2 weeks of scheduled classes

    GAI memberships are non-refundable



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