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Saturday Entertainment Schedule

 11am - 12pm Bavarian Musikmeisters
 12pm - 12:30pm Alicia Renee - Opera Singer
 12:30pm - 1:30pm Bavarian Musikmeisters
 1:30pm - 2pm Alicia Renee - Opera Singer
 2pm - 3pm  German Youth Orchestra
 3pm - 4pm Bavarian Musikmeisters
 4pm - 5pm German Youth Orchestra
 5pm - 6pm Alpensterne
 6pm - 7pm Makam Baklava
 7pm -7:30pm Turkish American Association of Minnesota Folk Dancers
 7:30pm - 8:30pm Alpensterne
 8:30pm - 9pm Josh Eidsor on Concertina
 9pm - 10pm Alpensterne


Saturday in the Demo Tent
 12:00pm Homemade Sauerkraut - with Liz  Pearson
 12:30pm Potato Pancakes - with Christine  Burbach
 1:00pm Krampus Masks
 1:30pm Spielmannszug
 2:00pm Pysanky (Eastern European Egg  Decoration) - with John Rajtar
 2:30pm Finding Your Roots - with Germanic  Genealogy Society (GGS)
 3:00pm Brewing Authentic German Liquors -  with Dampfwerk Distillery
 3:30pm How to Play the Accordian - with Ken  Mahler of Accordian Heaven
 4:00pm Saint Paul West End History  Presentation & Walking Tour - with  Dave Bredemus
 5:00pm Baglama: Turkish Music Master Class  - with Dr. Orhan Ucer

Sunday Entertainment Schedule

 11am-11:15am Rivers Ballet 
 11:15am - 12pm Alpensterne
 12pm - 12:15pm Twin Cities Männerchor
 12:15pm - 1pm Alpensterne
 1pm - 1:30pm Rivers Ballet 
 1:30pm - 2pm GAI Minnesänger
 2pm - 2:30pm Alpensterne
 2:30pm - 3pm Edelweiss Dancers
 3pm - 3:30pm Alpensterne
 3:30pm - 4pm Flemming Fold
 4pm - 5pm Alpensterne


Sunday in the Demo Tent

 12:00pm Finding Your Roots - with the Pommern  Regional Group of Minnesota
 12:30pm German Beer - with Paulaner
 1:00pm Balloon Art for Kids          
 1:30pm The Basics of Ballet - with Rivers Edge  Ballet
 2:00pm How to Waltz & Polka - with Edelweiss  Dancers 
 2:30pm Stein Holding Contest & A History of  German Drinking Games 
 3:00pm Pretzel Easting Contest
 3:30pm History of the GAI - with Margie Deutsch
 4:00pm Tour of the GAI Haus - with Margie  Deutsch

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