Deutsche Tage Masks: One-of-a-Kind!
While we are all looking forward to the day when we don’t need to wear face masks, we are grateful to our super supporters who put in hours of sewing to make Deutsche Tage Haus Party Kit face masks. Volunteers from our board and the Damenklub have brought their decades of sewing expertise to this huge project—making over 300 masks!

Our face masks were made from vintage shirts, Dirndl, aprons, and event banners that have been donated to the GAI over the past few decades. This makes them not only sustainably made, but also durable and soft. (And don’t worry, we have many Dirndl left in our supply at the GAI, as we regularly receive donations from friends and members).  

In addition to our Haus materials, our mask-makers have continued in the GAI’s tradition of resourcefulness and creatively drawn from their own collections of fabric, thread, and elastic. They expertly followed a pattern recommended by North Memorial Hospital, which are contoured to the face and have a pocket to include a coffee filter for increasing the efficacy of the mask. Thank you to our mask-making volunteers for helping make Deutsche Tage 2020 safe and fun for everyone! 

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