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Saturday Entertainment Schedule

Saturday Main Stage

 11am - 12pm Bavarian Musikmeisters
 12pm - 12:30pm Open Music
 12:30pm - 1:30pm Bavarian Musikmeisters
 1:30pm - 2pmOpen Music
 2pm - 2:30pm  Swiss Alp Horns
 2:30pm - 3pm Liz Howls, Puppet Show
 3pm - 4pm Bavarian Musikmeisters
 4pm - 4:30pm Ron Machel on Accordion
 4:40pm - 5pm Judy Schlei on Accordion
 5pm -6pm Alpensterne
 6pm - 7:30pm Balkan Ensemble
 7:30 - 8:30pm  Alpensterne
8:30pm - 9pm Josh Eidsor on Concertina
 9pm - 10pm Alpensterne

Saturday in the Cultural Stage

 12:00pm GAI Family History
 12:30pm Historical Talk & Tour of GAI - Margie Deutsch
 1:00pm GAI Family History
 1:30pm Swiss Alp Horns
 2:00pm Making Raw Sauerkraut - Liz Pearson
 2:30pm Finding Your Roots - Germanic  Genealogy Society (GGS)
 3:00pm GAI Family History
 3:30pm Cooking with the BIBACH Women
 4:00pm Saint Paul History Presentation & Walking Tour - with  Danielle Dart
 5:00pm Balkan Master Class  

Sunday Entertainment Schedule

Sunday Main Stage

 11am-11:15am  Rivers Ballet 
 11:15am - 12pm  Alpensterne
 12pm - 12:30pm  Edelweiss Dancers
 12:30pm - 1pm  Alpensterne
 1pm - 1:30pm  Rivers Ballet 
 1:30pm - 2pm  GAI Minnesänger
 2pm - 2:30pm  Männerchor
 2:30pm - 3:30pm Alpensterne
 3:30pm - 4pm Jimi the Polka Pirate Dance
 4pm - 5pm  Alpensterne

Sunday in the Cultural Stage

 12:00pm Music
 12:30pm GAI Family History
 1:00pm GAI Family History
 1:30pm Finding Your Roots - Pommern Regional Group
 2:00pm Music
 2:30pm Balloon Art - Mr. FUN
 3:00pm Balloon Art - Mr. FUN
 3:30pm Historical Talk & Tour of GAI - Margie Deutsch
 4:00pm GAI Family History

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