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60 Years and Celebration Boards

Deutsche Tage Celebration Boards

We encourage our GAI members to put together a “Celebration Board.” This board will commemorate and show their involvement in Deutsche Tage over the last 60 years.  This will give the GAI community a chance to participate and celebrate in the history of the event.  As one of the highlights, a “celebration tent” showcasing all of the “Celebration Boards” will be set-up for viewing during the event. An in haus exhibit will take place as well.

Be as creative as you would like to be!

Please contact Linda DeRoode if you have any further questions. 

Details of the “Celebration Board”: 

  • Please use Standard Foam Board (20x30in)
  • Not limited to 1 board
  • Some free blank boards available in the GAI office from March 1st - May 25th
  • To be displayed in Haus Exhibit, drop off boards at GAI Office by Friday May 25th
  • For Boards to be displayed at Deutsche Tage Celebration Tent, please bring boards to GAI Office Friday June 8th
  • In Haus Exhibit runs May 29th - July1st
  • You can take your board with you at the end of Deutsche Tage, or the week of August 6-10th if it's displayed in the Exhibit

Some ideas to start with:

  • Highlight a family on the board
  • Highlight an individual on the board
  • Compose a small write-up of the family or individual and their connection and history to Deutsche Tage
  • How many years has this family or individual been a part of the GAI community? 
  • How many years has the family or individual been active in Deutsche Tage?
  • What special things does this individual remember from past years of Deutsche Tage?
  • A special story from a past Deutsche Tage.
  • Pictures of past years of Deutsche Tage.
  • Artifacts from past years of Deutsche Tage.

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