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Come see what's new in the GAI Bibliothek!

By Mark Jensen

Over the past year and a half, many new organizational improvements have been made to the GAI library (Bibliothek) on the second floor of the Haus!

Bright new yellow category signage will help you find your way among the different sections of materials from books for children, youth, and teens, to fiction and non-fiction titles, DVDs, games, and more. Within each section, you'll notice that we've introduced a new labeling system to help you quickly find what you're looking for. All children's, teen, and adult fiction titles are organized by section label and then alphabetically by author last name. All non-fiction titles are similarly organized by section title and subject matter. Finally, DVDs and CDs are now arranged alphabetically by letter. 

Also new to the library is a special section for learners of German located to the left of the fireplace in the Bibliothek. Here you'll find general reference works along with sections divided by level starting with A1 (beginner) materials all the way up through C2 (advanced). Each section includes materials appropriate for language learning at that level such as short stories, grammar workbooks, games, and travel guides. 

We hope these new improvements will help guide and inspire you in your in your German language endeavors! Frohes lesen! 

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