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Studying in Germany

The process of figuring out how to study at a German university is often complicated, as each university sets its own admission standards, as well as required German proficiency level. Here we have compiled a list of resources to help you determine whether you possess the qualifications necessary to attend a German university.

About Studying in Germany

Eight Hours and Change - Provides a wide range of services to help American students both before and during their time in Germany.

Studieren in Deutschland - Deutsche Welle's portal with articles on studying in Germany. In German, English, and other languages. - Provides general information on studying in Germany, with a full list of university degree programs. In English and German.

WGBH News put together a four-part series in early 2015, German Lessons: What the U.S. can learn about education from Germany. Covering topics such as tuition, degree options, vocational training, and a tracking system, this series sheds light on some of the main differences between studying in Germany and in the U.S. - Because German universities are not designed to have you spent a year or two taking general education requirements before declaring a major, this site provides an aptitude test to help you determine which field to pursue. While the site is provided by Baden-Württemberg, the information may be useful for other universities, as well. In German. - Information on studying in Germany, institutions available, applying, and living in Germany. In English and German.

General Requirements 

Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) - In addition to being a great first stop for foreigners studying in Germany, the DAAD also offers scholarships and grants to attract foreign students. Their pages on admission requirements and German proficiency are particularly helpful (links are in English). - Specifically targeted toward students who need to prove their German language proficiency, this site will help you determine which proficiency exams are accepted at which universities.  It will also allow you to reverse-search if you already have a language certification to see which universities will accept that specific exam. In English. Note: the GAI offers the Goethe-Zertifikat for levels A1-C1.


Anabin - Helps you figure out what materials you need to have your foreign education (e.g. high school diploma) recognized. In German.

Uni-Assist - Specifically designed for international students, this site (available in English, German, and other languages), helps you identify and collect all necessary documentation for admission to a German university and will allow you to submit the application directly through the site. - Similar to Uni-Assist, this German-only portal will help you apply to restricted ("Numerus Clausus") subjects such as medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy.

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