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Placement Exams

To determine which level course to take, you can complete an online placement exam. We offer three different exam levels. Note the "Schritte" level (Einstufung) when you are finished. We do not automatically receive your score.

For beginners or early stage German language students, take the Schritte 1-2 Exam.  A result of Schritte-1 Lektion 1-7 corresponds to G100, Schritte-2 Lektion 8-14 to G200.  A result of Schritte-3 indicates you may take the next level exam.

For language students with advanced beginner / intermediate ability, take the Schritte 3-4 Exam. A result of Schritte-3 Lektion 1-7 corresponds to G300 and Schritte-4 Lektion 8-14 to G400. A result of Schritte-5 indicates you may take the next exam.

For those with advanced-intermediate ability, take the Schritte 5-6 Exam. A result of Schritte-5 Lektion 1-7 corresponds to G500 and Schritte-6 Lektion 8-14 to G600. The result B1/Mittelstufe indicates you have tested out of the G-Series and we recommend the AMR B1+ course or one of our Oberstufe Classes.

See attached flow chart for more details & clarification 

Please contact Language Services or call 651-222-2979 for more information or to register

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