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Conversation Classes


Gesprächsrunde conversation classes run 4 weeks and will be scheduled beginning in March. 

Registration will open in January 2017.

Summer Sessions will run 4-6 weeks and will be available for Registration in May 2017

Grundstufe Conversation

Completion of G300 or equivalent recommended. Course integrates use of regular and irregular verbs in the present and conversational past, with a review of frequently used prepositions of time and space while further building everyday vocabulary. Class activities include group and partner dialogues, role play scenarios, and grammar review as requested.

This class is offered in the Summer semester only.

Mittelstufe Conversation

Completion of G500 or equivalent recommended. Course allows for practice of the accusative and dative cases in present, past, and future tenses. Integrated review of simple clauses and advanced sentence structure.

This class is offered in the summer semester only.

Oberstufe Conversation

Oberstufe Conversation is conducted 100% auf Deutsch and is suitable for the advanced student whose primary goal is to increase oral fluency through regular discussions and speaking exercises. Successful completion of Advanced Mittelstufe Review or B2 proficiency recommended.

Students will expand their vocabulary and increase their fluency through lively class discussions, readings, and occasional short writing assignments.

This class is offered in the summer semester only.

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